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How does the loading screen work?


The loading screen is the screen you'd like your clients and stakeholders to see when your prototype is loading via a share link. It will appear while loading your prototype then automatically transition to the screen you selected your prototype to start on; there is no need to add an automatic redirect to that screen.

Setting a loading screen

From the prototype page, click the first slot to set the loading screen. The file must be a PNG and sized correctly to the device.


At the moment, you can't sync the loading screen directly from Sketch into the loading screen slot. You'll want to export that screen to your desktop and then you can upload that screen separately by clicking on the 'loading screen' slot.

Troubleshooting your loading screen

If you've uploaded one already and it’s not displaying when you view the prototype via a share link, find the 'loading screen' screen and mouse over the thumbnail, then click the trash can icon, and re-upload as stated above.

How long will my loading screen display?

The length of time your loading screen displays for is entirely dependent on how long it takes for your prototype to load. When viewing a prototype on a desktop, it may be unlikely you'll ever see it display, unless your prototype is huge. Your loading screen will display more often on a mobile device while it loads.

If you want the loading screen to appear longer than it is, our recommendation is to upload the image you want to function as the loading screen as a regular screen. Make that screen the first one in your prototype. Click to view the screen, and after you've switched to Build mode, at the top you should see a timer icon. Click on that timer icon, and set it to your desired time, and link it to the next screen that should display. Select a transition and then click Save.


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