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How do I use emoji in comments?


InVision supports emoji in comments

Emojis add an extra level of expression to your digital communication. If you’ve used custom keywords – such as :smile: – to use these pictograms in Slack, Basecamp, or Trello, then you know how to use them in InVision! For a handy guide to all the emoji codes available in InVision, try out our commenting tools for yourself or check out the Emoji Cheat Sheet.

How do I use emoji?

Anywhere you can comment in InVision, you can use emoji. There are two ways to find the emoji you’re looking for:

  1. Look for the smile icon () in the lower right hand corner of the message box, and click to open up a tabbed menu of options. Place your cursor over an emoji to see a larger version, plus its keyword. And click on an emoji to add it to your message.
  2. Just start typing an emoji code with a colon (:). This is a good technique if you know which emoji you’re looking for, or if you’re just exploring by keyword. A predictive menu will appear so you can select your emoji by clicking on your favorite option, or even using your arrow keys or the Tab key to select an option. Hit the Enter key to add the emoji to your message.


Can I use classic emoticons, like :) or :(?

Yes, we currently support a small number of popular emoticons.

What if I have feedback or questions about using emoji in InVision?

If you have any feedback or questions about emoji, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to share your thoughts.

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