User Testing and the InVision iOS app

What is User Testing?

When editing a mobile prototype in InVision, you can send out a User Testing link to your tester. When they visit that link on iOS, they'll automatically be taken into the InVision iOS app and the user test will begin. 

The following ways to test prototypes and get feedback from real users through InVision are available to you:

  1. Use Lookback with their own apps combined with InVision share links. Note: We no longer offer an integration with Lookback.io for user testing on mobile devices, but Lookback is still available for testing on desktop and mobile devices with a custom share link.
  2. Try out InVision’s integration with UserTesting.com that provides free 5 minute user testing sessions. Note: UserTesting.com allows 3 free tests per month limit. If you’d like to do more testing, click here to select the plan that best suits your needs.
  3. Take InVision share links to any other user testing service you currently rely on. You’ll notice that when you click the User Test button from a prototype, you’ll now be able to generate a share link to use with any of your preferred testing services:

What is the InVision iOS app?

The InVision iOS is available for both iPhone and iPad that allows you to view and collaborate on your prototypes and view/share Boards on your device quickly and easily.  Read and comment on prototypes; reference all your design assets in Boards with a tap; enjoy a faster, higher-fidelity experience online and off; provide feedback directly in-app; and much more.

Installing the InVision iOS app

To get started with the InVision iOS app, you'll need to download the InVision iOS app from the App Store. If you've received a User Testing link, you should automatically be prompted to download the app if it isn't already installed.

After installing, you'll need to login if you're a designer installing the app manually:

Otherwise, you'll be taken to the prototype you've been asked to test if you followed a User Testing link.


You can use InVision share links with multiple user testing solutions, empowering you to use InVision with the user testing tools you’re already using. 
Note: Enterprise members that have enabled the setting to require authentication for all share links may be unable to use this method if testing with users who aren’t part of the Enterprise.
To create a custom user testing share link: 
  1. Click on the User Test button in the upper right on any of your prototypes.
  2. On the Custom side, click Create Link .
  1. Review and change the share link settings, and click Copy.
  1. Paste the link in your user testing tool.
Here’s a helpful breakdown of each setting: 
Allow commenting on screens
When you toggle this setting off, users you share the URL with will not be able to comment on any of the screens in the prototype.
Allow access to all screens in prototype
When you toggle this setting off, users will only be able to navigate between screens via hotspots. When this setting is enabled (toggled on), users are able to navigate between screens using their left/right keys, or by clicking the screen drawer at the bottom right of the prototype.
Password protect
Enabling password protection allows you to create a custom password for your prototype. When you send a user a Share URL, they’ll need to enter the password in order to view the prototype.
Start the share link at
This setting allows you to choose the first screen your prototype starts on by default.
Hotspots enabled
When you toggle this setting off, users will only be able to navigate through your prototype using their left/right arrow keys, or by clicking the screen drawer at the bottom.
Prevent hotspot hinting
When you toggle this setting on, your hotspots will not flash on live demos.
Require user identification
When you require user identification, a user must enter their name and email address in order to view the prototype (unless they are already logged into their InVision account).



Is the User Testing feature only available through the iOS app?

Yes, only the InVision iOS app has the User Testing feature. At this time, that means that Android devices aren't supported by the User Testing beta. Though the InVision iOS app is available for iPad, it doesn't support User Testing at this time.

Do you support Android? What about Windows Phone?

At this time, the User Testing beta is only available on the iPhone and iPad. We don't currently allow User Testing on Android or Windows Phones. Lookback does make available an app for using their service on Android devices that may be of help, but it's not specific to InVision.

Can I interact with my Apple Watch prototype on an Apple Watch?

The InVision iOS app lets you view screens from Apple Watch prototypes on an actual Apple Watch. However, at this time the screens are not interactive and you can only swipe left and right to switch screens.