How do I switch prototypes during a LiveShare meeting?

Note: The LiveShare PS plugin is no longer available for new downloads. We are disabling LiveShare in mid-January 2018. Please see our announcement for the full details.

At the moment, we don't have an easy way for you to switch prototypes during a LiveShare meeting. But, here's a workaround you can use while we work toward a better solution:

  1. While in your LiveShare meeting, open up a new tab in the same browser window to view your prototypes.
  2. Start a new LiveShare meeting on the new prototype while you have your existing meeting open on the first prototype.
  3. Once you open the new prototype LiveShare meeting, it will move all your existing participants to the new prototype and everyone will be able to view the new prototype.

The call timer will continue where it left off and any new drawings will need to be saved / mailed to your participants.