Can I force sync?

Note: This article refers to syncing files via Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box which is being discontinued. Please see the announcement for more details. We strongly recommend that you start using Craft Sync now. This does not impact InVision Sync or the uploading of Sketch or PSD files to generate screens.

Making Sure You've Added the File Correctly

Your first step in troubleshooting your syncing is to make sure you’ve correctly added your file.  Add your file by navigating to the Screens tab in your prototype and click the pink '+' sign. Then, choose your sync icon:


This will launch the Dropbox file explorer; in the file explorer, navigate to your file, select it, and click Choose. Now, any further updates to your file should be pushed automatically to InVision.

Note that once you add the source file using the workflow above, you can maintain future updates by saving into your local folder. You just need to use the file explorer for establishing that initial sync link.


Forcing InVision Sync

If you’re using InVision Sync and it’s not detecting updates, turn off InVision Sync and then turn it back on. You can do this by clicking the InVision Sync icon at the top of your screen and selecting Pause Syncing, then click Resume Syncing.


Forcing Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box

If you’re using one of the InVision Sync services (Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box) and it’s not detecting updates, re-add your file via the pink + button; that should trigger re-syncing of the file.


Forcing Legacy Dropbox Sync

Contact us if you’re using Legacy Dropbox Sync and your updates have stalled.


Further Troubleshooting a Broken Sync

These tips above are things you can try to restore syncing, but it’s important to understand the root cause of why your files aren’t syncing. Here are some reasons why your sync might break:

  1. When using the InVision Sync services (Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box), renaming a file or moving it between directories within Dropbox or Google Drive or Box will break your sync.
  2. If you add a file from an InVision Sync service (Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box) service (Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box)  then make updates in that service, then upload the same source file directly to InVision, then sync might break. Or if you’re using 2 sync services.
  3. If you use more than one sync service at a time (like InVision Sync and an InVision Sync service), your sync will break.

If you're using Sketch, another option available is to disable auto-save and then just manually save your Sketch file whenever you want the sync to happen.

If you still need help with your file syncing, contact us.