How do I manage comment notifications?

To subscribe to receive email notifications, unsubscribe from email notifications, or otherwise manage your comment notification settings:

  1. Sign in to your account and, in the top-right corner, click your name.
  2. Click View Profile.
  3. Click the Email Notifications tab.
  4. Under the Prototype Digest heading, choose how frequently you want InVision to email you a roll up of changes to your prototypes: NoneEvery hourEvery 3 hours, or Once a day at 8:00pm
  5. Under the Comments heading, choose how frequently you want to receive email notifications for comments made on all prototypes included in your Prototype Subscriptions list: Instant, Batched, or Never
  6. In the Prototype Subscriptions list, next to each prototype, toggle the button on (prototype-subscriptions-setting-button.png) or off (prototype-subscriptions-setting-off.png), depending on your preference.

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