How do I stop syncing with InVision Sync, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive?

Note: This article refers to a method of file syncing that is being discontinued. Please see the announcement for more details. We strongly recommend that you start using Craft Sync now.

To stop syncing with InVision Sync

From your computer menu bar, choose Quit InVision Sync. If you want to uninstall InVision Sync, drag the application from your Applications folder into the trash, and empty your trash.


To stop syncing with Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box

Go to your InVision profile page (click on your name at the top right and click View Profile), then click Sync, and disconnect from there using the Disconnect button.

Caution: If you do this, all files will break, and if you want to reconnect them, you’ll have to do it for each file.