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How do I remove members from a Team plan?

Before you start

Here are some important things to note before removing someone from your team:

  • This article is for Team accounts only. If you are on an Enterprise plan, read this article.
  • Only the Team owner can remove a member.
  • When you remove a member, they can no longer access prototypes or assets. All hotspots, comments, and changes previously made by the member will remain.
  • Design System Manager (DSM) permissions are managed separately. To remove a member from your DSM organization, read this article: Adding and Removing People in DSM.

Removing members

It is not possible to remove someone from a Freehand project they have previously viewed. Even after removing them from the team, they will still have access to the Freehand.

To remove users from your team:

  1. Sign in to your account and navigate to the People page.
  2. Hover over the member and click View Profile.
  3. Beneath the member's name and profile icon, click the ••• (more) menu.
  4. Click Remove from Team.
  5. To confirm, click Yes, Remove from Team.

If you navigate back to the People tab, you should notice that the member is gone.


Known limitation

As noted above, even after removing someone from your InVision V6 team, that person can still access any freehand they had previously viewed. This could cause some confusion if you migrate to InVision V7, because any freehand collaborator who was previously removed from your InVision V6 team will automatically be added to your InVision V7 team account. Should you run into this situation, you can quickly remove the user from you InVision V7 team