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How do I update the background color or image?

InVision pulls the bottom corner pixel colors and tries to match the background as closely as possible. However, if needed, you can create a custom background color or image for your desktop prototype screens.

Note: These steps apply to desktop prototypes. If you need to adjust the background color of a screen for a mobile prototype, the background color should be updated within the design tool used to create that screen (Sketch, Studio, Photoshop, etc.).

To change the background color or image for your screens in a desktop prototype:

  1. Navigate to your prototype and click one of your screens. 
  2. In the bottom right corner of the page, click the configuration icon (configuration_icon.png).
  3. To change the color, click one of the available color swatches, or enter a specific hex value.
    To change the image, click Upload New.
  4. If desired, check the box Apply to all current and future screens.
  5. Click Save.