How do I transfer my prototype to another account?

Note: There is currently no self-service method for transferring prototypes from an Enterprise account to another account. To transfer prototypes from an Enterprise account or between Enterprise accounts, please contact support

For steps on transferring prototypes from any other InVision account type to an Enterprise account, check out the article How do I transfer prototypes from my personal account to my Enterprise account?

To transfer ownership of a prototype:

1. Go to your prototype homepage.
2. Click the More button (next to Assets under your prototype name).
3. Select Transfer Ownership
4. Enter the recipient's email address (Note: the recipient must have an active InVision account) and click Finish.  

An email invite will be sent to the recipient which must be accepted. Upon accepting the invite ownership will be officially transferred. If the transferred prototype takes the recipient over quota, they will need to upgrade their plan or delete other prototypes to access it. 

Any existing share links will remain active after transferring the prototype to another consumer account.

Finally, please note that it is not currently possible to transfer ownership of other project types.

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How do I transfer my prototype to another account?