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How do I select the screen my prototype starts on?

To set the initial screen that displays when your prototype loads:

  1. Open your prototype and, at the top right of the page, click Share.
  2. At the bottom of the share modal, click Link Settings.
  3. Click the More Options drop-down.
  4. Click Start the share link at drop-down and select the appropriate screen.
  5. Copy the new URL.
    This action will create a brand new URL. The setting won't be applied to previously generated share links. If you no longer want the old share links to be accessed, you will need to revoke them.
If you open the share link in the InVision iOS App, the prototype will open to the specified screen. However, if you are opening a prototype from an older link that was saved to your home screen—on either an Android or an iOS device—it will not open to the newly specified screen. You will need to save the new share link to your home screen.