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How do I access my mobile prototype offline?

Offline Viewing on iOS

When you use the InVision iOS App, you'll be able to load a prototype once, and it'll be available offline from there on out (unless you sign out of the app on your device). 

Enabling airplane mode is recommended, as that will ensure we load from the offline version.

Offline Viewing on Android

By default when opening a URL share on an Android, it will open within the browser the first time. Depending on your Android OS version and browser, you can view the prototype fullscreen similar to the experience enjoyed on iOS devices.

If running a recent version of Android and the latest version of Chrome, once you've opened the URL in the browser, open the Chrome Settings and select Add to Home Screen. This will allow you to launch your project from the home screen in full screen (and customize the icon).

Please give the prototype plenty of time to initially cache on the Android device, depending on the prototype size and bandwidth/connection. We strongly recommend completing the initial caching while on a speedy wifi connection.

Once fully-cached, testing by enabling airplane mode on your Android device is recommended, as that will ensure we load from the offline version.

Note: When viewing a mobile prototype via share you’ll get an alert warning you that the prototype is too large for offline caching if the following criteria are met:
- All desktop prototypes viewed on mobile
- Any mobile prototypes over 50MB in total screen size
- Any mobile prototypes over 73 Screens

Offline Viewing with PDF or .Zip file

You can also export your prototype to a .zip file or PDF to take a look offline. Please note that password-protected prototypes will not work in offline mode.