How can I use GIFs for custom interactions?

Check out the video below to learn how to use GIFs for custom interactions on InVision. To take your GIFs to new heights, be sure to check out the article referenced in the video: 7 tips for designing awesome animated GIFs

Adding a GIF to Your Prototype

To add a GIF to your prototype, follow these steps:

  1. Create or download the GIF you want to use.
  2. Open your prototype on InVision.
  3. On the Screens tab, click the pink + icon.
  4. Click Upload Screens, navigate to the GIF and select it, and click the Open button.
    You will now see the GIF included in your list of screens.

Known Limitations

Please note the following limitations for GIFs:

  • If using your GIF as an overlay, the GIF must be the same size as the screen you place it on.
  • It isn’t currently possible to use a GIF as an overlay on a static image and have that GIF play upon opening the screen. You can, however, use a GIF as an overlay and use a hotspot to play it.

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