Why do I still have a personal account? Can't I just have one Enterprise account?

At the moment, we cannot remove (delete) your personal account without also removing (deleting) access to your Enterprise login.

On Enterprise, there are two areas of access that you can enter using your same login credentials:

- https://projects.invisionapp.com or https://www.invisionapp.com (to access your personal projects)
- https://<YourCompany>.invisionapp.com (to access your company projects)
We recommend bookmarking and saving your company URL in your browser's address bar to use this as your primary point of entry. (Once saved you will no longer be prompted to select a path each time you login.)

We've set up these two areas to distinguish prototypes related to your company versus personal prototypes you may want to keep separate from your company. It also allows a single InVision user to collaborate in multiple Enterprise companies or to continue collaborating on prototypes outside the Enterprise.

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