How do I set up a team(s) within my Enterprise account?

In order to create a team on your Enterprise account, you must have manager or admin access.

To create a team:

1. Click the People Tab.
2. Click the Teams option.
3. Click the + sign to create a team and give your team a name.
4. Add members to your team.

Once you've created your team, any contributor, manager or admin can add the team to a project. Admins or managers can add contributors to multiple teams.

To add a team to a prototype:

1. After you've created a prototype, click the green circle with the people and "+" icons at the top right of the prototype dashboard.
2. Add a team(s) to the prototype for access. This access granting must be done on a per-prototype basis. Any members added/removed from the team will also be reflected on relevant prototypes (e.g. if you remove a member from a team they will lose access to the prototype).

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