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How do I replace a screen without using Craft Sync?

To replace a prototype screen on InVision V6 without using Craft Sync:

  1. Open the prototype.
  2. Hover over the screen you want to replace and click View Screen.
  3. From your Finder window, drag and drop the updated image into the browser.
    This action cannot be undone without repeating steps 2 and 3, using the original screen..

To manually replace multiple prototype screens on InVision:

  1. Open the prototype.
  2. On the prototype homepage, click the pink plus button and then click Upload Screens.
  3. From the Finder window that opens, drag and drop all of the new image files to replace the old screen.
    Once the screens are replaced, all hotspots, templates, and comments will remain in place.

To replace multiple screens at once, each screen must have the same file name as the screen it's intended to replace.

To replace screens uploaded as PDFs, you'll need to upload via source files. This will initially sync all screens of the PDF and afterward sync only the pages in the PDF that have been updated. Comments and hotspots will all remain in place.