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How can I organize my screens in sections?

With InVision V6, you can organize your prototype screens into different sections. This is helpful for breaking down larger projects, as well as for sharing specific screens in your prototype.

Currently, it's not possible to create sections within Studio prototypes.

Using manual sort

Before organizing your screens into sections, open your prototype and, at the top of the page, click the ••• (more) icon. Choose Use Manual Sort.

Steps to enable manual screen sorting for InVision V6 prototypes

If the menu option says Use Alphanumeric Sort, then you're already using manual sort.

If you switch back to alphanumeric sort, all screen sections will be permanently removed.

Creating a new section

To create a new screen section:

  1. Open your prototype, and hover your cursor directly above or below a row, or between two rows of screens.
  2. Click to add a section. 
  3. Name your section and press Enter.

You can now click and drag screens to different sections of your prototype.

Steps to create a new section in InVision V6 prototypes