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How do I get started with file syncing?


Craft Sync allows you to sync your artboards from Sketch into InVision with just a few clicks. 

See specific instructions for setting up Craft Sync.

How syncing works

Within Sketch, design artboards as normal. Then, sync your designs with a prototype in Craft Sync with a few clicks.


Craft Sync allows you to quickly update your designs to InVision from within Sketch.Collaborators who don't use Craft Sync can still access prototypes from the prototype page on the web. 

Some things to note

  • You can delete and archive prototypes in only.
  • You can add PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs to the Screens folder.
  • You can only create custom subfolders in the Assets folder.
  • We use the exact images that are uploaded and do not compress on our end. For large prototypes and screens, we recommend compressing images a bit to reduce overall download size.

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