What's InVision Sync?

InVision Sync is our free desktop app for Mac. It lets you automatically update your InVision screens every time you save your source files.

If you’re currently using InVision Sync to get your Sketch designs into InVision, you should now be using Craft Sync.

Getting started

If you’re new to InVision Sync, first  download the app.

If you’re already running InVision Sync, you should get an update notification from the app. If you haven’t seen this notification yet, click the in icon in your top menu bar, and click Check For Updates.

How it works

With InVision Sync, all your existing prototypes are brought right to your desktop, which means no more uploading screens and assets in your browser. Creating new prototypes via InVision Sync is a breeze. Simply create a new folder, give it a name, and save your screens and assets directly to their corresponding folders. When you return to your prototypes online, you’ll see your updates automatically.

All-new asset syncing

If you’re familiar with InVision Sync already, you’ll notice something new: the Assets folder. With this new folder, you can keep all of your source files synced in one place, for easy access on your desktop and inside InVision.