Which plan is right for me?

Here's a helpful overview of the various InVision plans that expands on the plan-specific features and prices (in USD). Visit our knowledge base for more information on both Consumer plan roles and Enterprise roles.  

All Consumer Plans

All consumer plans (Free, Starter, Professional, Team) let you:

  • Share prototypes
  • Export prototypes (excluding Studio prototypes) to a ZIP file or PDF
    Note: Within the ZIP, you'll find an index.html that will allow you to run the project offline.
  • Archive and unarchive prototypes
  • Inspect prototypes
  • Create unlimited Freehand projects
  • Invite unlimited collaborators
  • Store up to 10GB total for all projects that are owned by the account
    Note: See below for more information on the Enterprise plan, which allows unlimited storage.

All paid plans will automatically renew at the end of the paid term unless you manually downgrade and cancel your subscription

Free Plan

Cost: Free
1 prototype  
3 Boards

Starter Plan

Cost: $13/mo if paying yearly or $15/mo if paying monthly
3 prototypes
3 Boards

Upgrade to the Starter plan.

Professional Plan

Cost: $22/mo if paying yearly or $25/mo if paying monthly
Unlimited prototypes for one designer/admin
Unlimited Boards

Upgrade to the Professional plan.

Team Plan

Cost: $89/mo if paying yearly or $99/mo if paying monthly
Unlimited prototypes for 5 designers/admins to create in a shared bucket
Unlimited Boards

Upgrade to the Team plan.

Enterprise Plan

Cost: Contact us for a quote!

Once a team grows beyond 5 members, we offer the option to upgrade to one of our Enterprise plans. This plan allows for:

  • Greater permissions
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single sign-on
  • And more! Contact us for more info on the Enterprise plans!

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Which plan is right for me?