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Release Notes - December 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.




  • Preparation for LiveShare sunset: In preparation for LiveShare sunset, we have moved LiveShare button into the overflow menu in Screens tab. We have also removed the LiveShare icon from the prototype thumbnails. On Jan 15, 2018, the LiveShare feature will no longer be available.
  • Open in Freehand: Replaced LiveShare button with a Freehand button in console. Freehand button opens current prototype in Freehand.


  • PDF import: PDF import functionality has been re-enabled for all InVision users.
  • Copy Link button: Copy Link button now works in all browsers. 
  • Sidebar in boards: Pressing Enter after updating board item description no longer dismisses the sidebar.
  • Password reset in iOS app: Users now receive instructions how to reset password after using Forgot Password feature in iOS app.
  • Forgot Password: Users who have existing InVision accounts will be able to use Forgot Password feature if they are invited to Enterprise organization.
  • iPhoneX filter: You can now user filter menu to only show iPhoneX prototypes.
  • iPhoneX project type: Project type no longer reverts to iPhone X if Change Type menu is opened.
  • Made with InVision tag: Made with InVision tag in sharelinks is now retina-ready.
  • ZIP exports in Safari: You can now view your exported prototypes in Safari browsers.
  • Add new screen modal: Clicking Escape key will now dismiss the Add New Screen modal.
  • Blocked InVision access: All blocked users can now see InVision support email in Your InVision Access Has Been Blocked” page.
  • @mentions for Reviewers: Users who have Reviewer role can only @mention team members that are part of the project.
  • Notifications for Reviewer role: Reviewers are now receiving comment notifications even if they are not added as collaborators to prototype.
  • Resolved comment emails: Resolved comment emails are now batched properly and users receive them every 10 minutes together with other comments and notifications.
  • Screen upload: Screens can now be drag-and-drop uploaded directly to empty sections or to the right of the last screen within a section.
  • GIF upload: Fixed a case where some GIF types disappeared from Boards after a page refresh.
  • Slow loading indicator: Added slow loading indicator when switching from My Projects filter to Enterprise organization that has a lot of projects.
  • Board navigation: Fixed a case where some users could be returned to the main board view if other users were browsing through the same board items.
  • Subscriptions: Fixed a case where some users could be billed after they have canceled their InVision subscription.
  • Project views: You can now see the correct filter results when going between Enterprise and My Projects views.
  • Upgrade experience: Streamlined purchase and upgrade experiences for logged-out users who are trying to sign-in after clicking on the plan in InVision landing pages.
  • Improved monitoring: Added better monitoring and alerts that will help us to identify the issues faster and avoid incidents.
  • Improved reliability: Number of reliability and performance improvements to improve the overall speed of the product.
  • Improved security: General security updates to improve the security of the product.
  • InVision for Jira Cloud and Server add-on: Thumbnail preview bug was fixed and now leads to the correct InVision prototype screen.
  • InVision for Jira Cloud and Server: Error messages were updated.




  • Inspect text color: Inspect no longer displays incorrect colors on text layers.
  • Sketch crash: Resolved several issues that would result in Sketch crashing.
  • Stuck in processing: Complex artboards no longer freeze Sketch while processing a sync.
  • Photoshop pixmap error: Larger artboards in Photoshop no longer fail to sync, showing a pixmap error.




  • Selection resize functionality: Resizing any selection in a Freehand document that contains empty text layers is now working without scaling issues. 
  • Multi-line text: Issue where occasional empty text lines were created after pressing Shift+Enter is resolved.


  • Version 2.4.15
    • Included stability improvements.
    • You can now seamlessly scroll through prototypes on an iPhone X.
    • You can now view your account page on an iPad without any issues.
    • You can now create an account from the app without any issues.
  • Version 2.4.14
    • Included stability improvements.
    • You can now seamlessly view Apple Watch prototypes without any issues.

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MOBILE - Android

  • Version 0.0.98 - Public Beta
    • Included stability improvements.

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  • Platform stability & security improvements: A number of general security fixes.