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Release Notes - November 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.




  • 500 error page: Implemented new 500 error page designs that have links to InVision status page so you can see latest information about the status of InVision application.
  • Maintenance page: Updated InVision maintenance page to show links to status page where you will be able to see the information about undergoing maintenance.


  • Hotspot scaling: Hotspots are no longer permanently scaled up or down when shifting from 1x to 2x screens.
  • Hotspot location preview in PDF exports: You can now see hotspot location preview in PDF exports. The preview is consistent across all screens.
  • Screen order in PDF exports: You can now export prototype in PDF format while using alphanumeric sort method and the screen order will be reflected in the file.
  • External URLs in ZIP exports: URLs in external ZIP exports now work as expected and direct users to the external pages.
  • Thumbnail image for duplicate board modal: You can now see board thumbnail in duplicate board screen.
  • Search Icon: Updated search icon in the projects tab.
  • Enterprise logo placeholder: Enterprise logo placeholder image is now retina-ready.
  • iPhone X device type: iPhone X prototypes no longer have a small black line at the top of the screen.
  • Mobile prototype preview: Screens no longer scroll to the top before screen transition when viewing mobile project on desktop.
  • Single Logout for Enterprise: InVision now supports SSO identity providers that don’t have SLO(Single Logout) functionality.
  • Third-party errors: Implemented better tracking to catch errors caused by third-party vendors.
  • Account downgrade: Fixed an issue where some accounts were not downgraded to free plan even if their subscription has expired.
  • User authentication in sharelinks: Pressing Enter” key no longer dismisses login and sign-up screens in sharelinks. Previously pressing Enter” key would dismiss the screen and users would not sing-up or login into InVision.
  • Share screen performance: Share screen will now open and refill with users faster for companies that have many users.
  • @mentions menu performance: Improved the performance and speed of @mentions menu for companies that have many users.
  • Enterprise boards: Contributors in Enterprise accounts are now able to see archived boards where they've been previously added to.
  • Board sharelinks: Enterprise plan users can access board sharelinks even if the orginal creator of the sharelink is removed from the Enterprise account.
  • Unread comment notifications in board sharelinks: You can now see the correct number of notifications in board sharelinks if you are logged into InVision.
  • @mentions in board comments: You can now use up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll between users while using @mentions feature in board comments.
  • Sign-up form placeholder: The placeholder text is now removed as you input the sign-up information in contributor sign-up page in Firefox browser.
  • @mentions for Reviewer accounts: Reviewer accounts can only @mention users that belong to the project now.
  • Security improvements: General security improvements were implemented.
  • InVision for Jira Cloud: Add-on performance has been significantly improved and number of small issues fixed.




  • Photoshop improvements: We have made some improvements to how we handle large Photoshop artboards. We were previously preventing artboards greater then a set height/width from syncing. We now downsize those artboards from 2x to 1x if they are above the limit. 


  • Inspect Grid - Fixed an issue that was preventing Inspect from showing Sketch grid guidelines.
  • Assets with forward slash - Assets containing forward slashes were not being upload correctly. 
  • Sketch crashes - We identified and fixed some edge cases that were causing Sketch to crash.
  • Sketch 48 fixes - Resolved a number of issues found in the Sketch 48 beta.



  • No updates for Craft plugins Duplicate, Stock, Library, Data


  • Switch to Pencil tool: Double click with the pointer tool anywhere on canvas now quickly switches to the pencil tool.
  • Shadow rendering: New faster and smoother rendering for drop shadows on artboards imported from Sketch/Photoshop.
  • “Who draw this” functionality improved: Name of the author for lines/text/images now displays different text based on the item type: drawn by, added by, written by.
  • Freehand from Prototype: Users can now create new Freehand documents from any of their prototypes by simply pressing the Freehand icon next to Liveshare in Project’s view.
  • Freehand Plugin (Sketch/PS) : Completely new Freehand plugin that allows users to login with their InVision accounts and create new freehand or update already existing ones. 
  • Archive functionality: When freehand is archived, the URL will not be accessible anymore (same behavior as all other InVision project types).
  • Keyboard shortcut help: Improved shortcuts helper now with all Freehand shortcuts categoried by their purpose. 


  • Close video modal: The issue of the escape button not responding next to the video player is now fixed and fully functional.
  • Zoom Numeric keypad: Cmd + shortcut to zoom now works on Numeric keypad.


  • Version 2.4.10
    • Included stability improvements.
  • Version 2.4.11
    • Included stability improvements.
    • You can now view iPhone X prototypes honoring the new status bar height and notch.
    • You can now change the comment type correctly.
    • You can now install the Watch App without any hiccups.

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MOBILE - Android

  • Version 0.0.89 - Public Beta
    • Included stability improvements.
    • You can now share prototypes from the app.

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  • General server security patches applied.