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Does DSM autosave libraries so teams can roll back accidental changes?


When using DSM Free, your library exists as a working draft that will update automatically any time you make a change. This draft is available to all collaborators you’ve invited to your library.

There is no way to roll back to a previous version of a library on DSM Free.

With DSM Enterprise, you have access to version control. This allows you to work in a draft until you’re ready to publish. After you’ve published, you can always revert to a previously published version. When you do so, the draft updates to reflect the previous version you selected.

If you revert to a previous version, it will overwrite the draft. If you don't want to lose any changes made to the draft, publish your changes before reverting to a previous version.

For more information, check out Version Control in DSM in our Getting Started Guide, or watch our video on version control in the DSM Learn Hub.

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