Overview of InVision Support Options

Software support that goes above and beyond.

Our world-class support team is here to help you power your design workflow to build better products, faster.

Support tiers Free Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Service-level agreement* Community support and resources available to customers on our Free plan. Basic email support for customers on paid, non-Enterprise plans. Basic support for Enterprise customers. Global support for Enterprise customers needing extended 24x5 coverage. Premium support for Enterprise customers needing 24x7 coverage and prioritized response times.
Hours of availability None 8am-8pm ET
8am-8pm ET
24/5 24/7
Guaranteed time to first reply None None None P1 < 2 hr
P2 < 4 hr
P3 < 8 hr
P4 < 24 hr
P1 < 1 hr
P2 < 2 hr
P3 < 4 hr
P4 < 8 hr
Uptime guarantee None None None 99% 99.9%
Getting started guides Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
InVision learn product trainings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Knowledge base Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Community support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email support No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dial in phone support No No 8am-8pm ET
8am-8pm ET
8am-8pm ET
Convenient scheduling diagnostic sessions No No No Yes Yes
Live chat support No No No No Yes***
Business transformation & customer success          
Private coaching sessions No No No Yes Yes
New user product onboarding Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly product success videos No No Yes Yes Yes
Quarterly business success check-ins No No **** Yes **** Yes **** Yes
*Additional terms and conditions may apply
**With exception of some holidays
***Available on V7 only 9am-5pm ET weekdays with exception of some holidays
****When reaching ARR minimum threshold

98% of customers are satisfied with their InVision support experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What self-help resources are available to me?

Customers on all plans are welcome to read our Getting Started guides, search the Knowledge Base, or ask our virtual agent for assistance. If you’re not able to find a solution in the documentation, visit the InVision Community to get help from fellow InVision users.

Can I purchase individual services without a full premium support package?

We’ve thoughtfully crafted our packages to meet the holistic business needs of our customers. In order to provide the best end-to-end premium support experience, we are not offering the ability to purchase services a la carte at this time.

What is a guaranteed time to first reply?

For Gold and Platinum customers, we guarantee an expedited first response from our team within your designated service hours when you email our Support team or submit a contact Support through our Contact Support form. This does not guarantee a faster resolution. InVision does not guarantee the response times with respect to support requests coming from users who do not contact InVision Support using the email address associated with their InVision account, as InVision will not be able to verify promptly they are an authorized member of Customer’s account and support plan. For urgent or complex questions, consider dialing in or scheduling a diagnostic session. 

How do I decide which plan is right for me?

Basic plans (Free, Bronze, and Silver) are recommended for smaller companies under 200 employees. For larger enterprises, our sales team will be happy to walk you through the specifics of Gold and Platinum to help you decide which option is right for your business.

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