How do I enable asset download for layers within a symbol in Craft Sync?

To enable asset download for layers within a symbol, the layers within the symbol must be marked for export within Sketch. To mark a layer within a symbol for export within Sketch, first select the layer and then select Make Exportable at the bottom of the Sketch inspector. 


From here, you can choose the correct export settings and export your layer. Repeat this step for each layer within the symbol you wish to generate an asset for in Inspect. 


Once all layers within the symbol have been exported, sync your artboard containing the symbol via Craft Sync which will generate the layers as individual assets in Inspect mode. The assets will then be downloadable from within Inspect mode under Asset Manager. 
If using Photoshop, the layers within the symbol can be marked for export by adding ".png" or any other file format to the end of the layer name. This will then generate the layers as assets in Inspect mode under Asset Manager when the source file is synced via Craft Sync.

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