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Release Notes - October 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.




  • iPhone X: We have introduced iPhone X as a device type.
  • Snaps feature has been removed from the product: Users can no longer access Snaps feature. 


  • Exporting manually sorted screens to PDF: If you change screen order while using manual sort, the new order will be reflected in PDF export.
  • Creating prototypes: Users can no longer create prototypes in accounts that were downgraded from team subscriptions to non-team subscriptions.
  • Auto-populating email addresses: You will be able to see auto-populated email addresses of your teammates while typing in “Share Your Prototype via Email” box.
  • Enterprise Prototypes and two factor authentication: After accepting invite to Enterprise prototype, you will be redirected to specific prototype instead of "My Projects” window when two factor authentication is enabled.
  • Enterprise accounts with many members: Improved the performance of “Add to Team” screen for Enterprise accounts. Opening and closing the screen should not decrease the speed of the application, so you can efficiently add or remove members from teams.
  • Prototype preview performance: Improved the speed and the performance of the prototype preview.
  • Security improvements: General security encryption fixes were implemented.




  • Performance improvements and freezing: Complex artboards with nested symbols should now be many times faster thanks to a massive refactoring of the syncing process. This will also resolve several cases of Sketch freezing when syncing due to artboard complexity.


  • Photoshop 2018: Craft Sync no longer displays a blank panel in Photoshop 2018.
  • Blank sync panel: There were a few different scenarios where the Craft Sync panel would remain blank. This should no longer happen.
  • Sketch crashes: Sketch was crashing due to a recent update.
  • Symbol detaching: Symbols were remaining detached after a sync.




  • Shape fill functionality: Users are able to select a shape, by pressing “cmd+e” they will add a fill color to that selected shape.
    Pencil color picker: Users are able to change the pencil color by clicking the ••• menu at the top left, then clicking Change my default color.
    Get started video: New walkthrough video tutorial is now available through the Freehand Guide.
    Rich text editing: Users are now able to format text in Freehand. Allowed formatting functionality such as
    - Bold (cmd+b)
    - Highlight (cmd+e)
    - Align center (cmd+shift+c)
    - Align left (cmd+shift+l)


  • Emoji import issue: Fixed issue with importing emojis for retina displays.
  • Mobile and tablet onboarding: Improved on-boarding for mobile and tablet in landscape mode.


  • Version 2.4.9
    • Included stability improvements.
    • If you opened one or more shared prototypes without having an InVision account, you can view them all in a new Home screen.

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MOBILE - Android

  • Version 0.0.88 - Public Beta
    • Included stability improvements.
    • You can now search prototypes by title or type from the Home screen.
    • You can now activate PC accounts using Chrome.

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  • Platform stability & security improvements – A number of general security fixes.