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Release Notes - September 2017


We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.





iPhone 8: Added as a product type.

Removed extensions tab: Users can no longer access snaps or whiteboard from home or the screens tab.

Confluence + InVision: You can now embed InVision prototypes in Atlassian’s Confluence pages using the new InVision for Confluence add-on. Learn more in the public announcement in the InVision blogYou can also minimize and expand embedded InVision prototypes inside Confluence pages.

InVision + Trello: You can attach InVision prototypes to Trello cards using the new InVision Power-Up. Learn more about the InVision Power-Up here. Integration Limitation:'s integration is now limited to 3 testing sessions per month. Please read this support article to learn more. If you’d like to do more testing, just visit UserTesting to select the plan that best suits your needs.

Enterprise Commenting Flow: Users visiting enterprise prototypes are now required to sign up or sign in in order to leave a comment.



  • Enterprise invites silently fails: Enterprise teams can now remove a member and re-invite them without the invite failing (not retroactive)
  • Escape key deselects screens: When selecting specific screens in the Prototype Screens Tab, users can hit escape to deselect all screens. 
  • Archiving unowned prototypes: In non-enterprise teams, users are no longer able to archive prototypes that they do not own
  • Deleting unowned prototypes: In non-enterprise teams, users are no longer able to delete prototypes that they do not own
  • High CPU Usage: does not take up high CPU usage anymore
  • Performance in the people tab for large companies: Improved performance for large companies in the people tab
  • Downloading PDF fails: users no longer see a gateway timeout when downloading prototypes as a PDF
  • Team limit reached: Enterprise customers can now create unlimited teams in their account
  • Batched comment emails: we fixed an issue where some users received batch comment emails every five minutes. 
  • Trello Power-Up performance has been improved: Power-Up is more stable and works faster.




  • Send Feedback: Users are now able to send feedback directly from Freehand documents
  • Become a Pro Tutorial: Interactive onboarding tutorial is now available to start again anytime from (?)Help dropdown 
  • What’s New: Users will see a notification (red dot) directly in Freehand documents notifying about any new updates and releases


  • Craft Sync Photoshop - Screens over 10,000px in height can now be synced via Craft Sync in Photoshop.
  • Z” key shortcut: Fixed issue when pressing Z key returns to previously used tool in Freehand
  • Quick selection: Fixed bug pressing the command key when the selection option is enabled will change the cursor function to pencil mode


  • Version 2.4.6
    • Included stability improvements.
  • Version 2.4.7
    • Included stability improvements.
    • You can now experience a faster app’s launch time when you are on slow internet connections.
  • Version 2.4.8
    • Included stability improvements.

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MOBILE - Android

  • Version 0.0.85 - Public Beta
  • Included stability improvements.
  • You can now sign in with emails that contain apostrophes.
  • You can now see better error messages when something unexpected happens.

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  • Application Security - Finalized upgrades for all vulnerable instances of node.js

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