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Release Notes - August 2017


We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.



Bug Fixes

  • Max team limit: Enterprise accounts can now create as many teams as they’d like
  • Downloading as PDF turned into gateway timeout: fixed error and now prompt users to check emails on large PDF downloads
  • Performance degradation in people tab: improved performance in people tab, specifically for enterprise teams with many members
  • Improved performance of projects page: re-calibrated the way that we load boards and prototypes into our projects tab
  • Lazy loading: introduced lazy loading of images for prototypes
  • Prototype hotspots not triggering: fixed an issue where tap/click hotspots would only work after 2+ clicks/taps instead of 1
  • Introduced SSO login as a default option: for teams with enterprise login, we introduced a way for them to default to SSO login instead of email login
  • Search bar accidentally sticking when toolbar hidden: helped users hide / unhide the toolbar when viewing prototypes. 
  • Improved performance of boards: we compressed the thumbnails for boards when the header image is large, improving boards performance
  • Enterprise members stuck in pending: helped users get unstuck” in pending for Private Cloud customers.


What’s New  

Server-side Extraction Decommission August 14
Read the full announcement here.
New InVision integration with Dropbox Paper - unfurls InVision prototypes in Paper docs.
Lookback integration was removed to low usage and high maintenance.
Custom share links in User Test section in InVision web app dashboard
Shortcut to InVision prototype share links settings was added to User Test section to educate users about using InVision share links for user testing needs in different products.



What’s New  

Craft Changelog

We now include information on what’s changed when pushing out updates to Craft. 

Special Thanks To

You can now view a list of all the open source projects we use in Craft Manager and the Craft suite. Special thanks to the open source community! 

Bug Fixes

  • Craft Sync 46.2 Crash - Fixes a scenario where sketch 46.2 was crashing when some users were re-authenticating.
  • Sketch Measurements - Fixed an issue that prevented the alt key measurement shortcut in Sketch not working after Sync.
  • Craft Sync Photoshop Large Artboards - You can now upload artboards larger then 10000px in Craft Sync Photoshop.
  • Craft Manager Minor Bug Fixes
See all of the Craft release notes here.


Mobile - iOS

Version 2.4.4

  • Included stability improvements.

See all of the iOS app release notes here.


Mobile - Android

Version 0.0.80 - Public Beta

  • Included stability improvements.
  • You can now create an account.
  • You can now sign in into your Enterprise account using your SSO provider.
See all of the Android release notes here.


Bug Fixes 

Platform Stability & Security: A number of general security fixes

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