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Release Notes - August 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.


Bug Fixes

  • Max team limit: Enterprise accounts can now create as many teams as they’d like
  • Downloading as PDF turned into gateway timeout: fixed error and now prompt users to check emails on large PDF downloads
  • Performance degradation in people tab: improved performance in people tab, specifically for enterprise teams with many members
  • Improved performance of projects page: re-calibrated the way that we load boards and prototypes into our projects tab
  • Lazy loading: introduced lazy loading of images for prototypes
  • Prototype hotspots not triggering: fixed an issue where tap/click hotspots would only work after 2+ clicks/taps instead of 1
  • Introduced SSO login as a default option: for teams with enterprise login, we introduced a way for them to default to SSO login instead of email login
  • Search bar accidentally sticking when toolbar hidden: helped users hide / unhide the toolbar when viewing prototypes. 
  • Improved performance of boards: we compressed the thumbnails for boards when the header image is large, improving boards performance
  • Enterprise members stuck in pending: helped users get “unstuck” in pending for Private Cloud customers.


What’s New  


What’s New

  • Craft Changelog
    We now include information on what’s changed when pushing out updates to Craft.
  • Special Thanks To
    You can now view a list of all the open source projects we use in Craft Manager and the Craft suite. Special thanks to the open source community! 

Bug Fixes

  • Craft Sync 46.2 Crash: Fixes a scenario where sketch 46.2 was crashing when some users were re-authenticating.
  • Sketch Measurements: Fixed an issue that prevented the alt key measurement shortcut in Sketch not working after Sync.
  • Craft Sync Photoshop Large Artboards: You can now upload artboards larger then 10000px in Craft Sync Photoshop.
  • Craft Manager Minor Bug Fixes

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Mobile: iOS

Version 2.4.4

  • Included stability improvements.

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Mobile: Android

Version 0.0.80: Public Beta

  • Included stability improvements.
  • You can now create an account.
  • You can now sign in into your Enterprise account using your SSO provider.

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Bug Fixes

  • Platform Stability & Security: A number of general security fixes