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Release Notes - July 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.



Bug Fixes

  • Updated email addresses for enterprise customers: Specific customers needed to update their email addresses as part of a migration
  • Downloading as PDF: Some prototypes were seeing a gateway timeout” before. Now, all prototypes can be downloaded as a PDF.
  • Disabled certain scheduled tasks for Private Cloud customers



What’s New  

Inspect iOS and Android Support
Inspect now supports iOS and Android projects by adding additional format options for units, colors and code. See the full list of format options in our support article.
  • Units 
    • Pixels (Default for Web/Desktop)
    • Percentage
    • Points (Default for iOS)
    • DIP (Default for Android)
  • Code
    • CSS (Default for Web)
    • LESS
    • Sass
    • SCSS
    • Stylus
    • Swift (Default for iOS)
    • Objective-C
    • Android (XML) (Default for Android)
  • Color
    • Hex (Default for Web/Desktop)
    • RGBA
    • UIColor (Default for iOS)
    • ARGB (Default for Android)



What’s New  

Craft Library Conflict Resolution
You no longer have to worry about conflicts or corrupted files when editing files together, especially when storing library on a cloud host such as Dropbox, Box, etc. Simply work on your file and, if a conflict that can be automatically resolved occurs, then Craft Library will prompt you to resolve the conflict in a friendly way.

Craft Manager Automatic Updates 

You can now enable automatic Craft plugin updates in Craft Manager.

Craft Sync Export Settings

Craft sync now respects artboard export format settings. Artboards can be synced as png or jpg, reducing file size and upload times. 

Bug Fixes

Freehand (Mobile/Tablet version)
  • Number of viewers corrected: Fixed bug for mobile version when there was a different number of users shown comparing to desktop version. 
  • Mobile keyboard now respecting text tool: Fixed bug with mobile keyboard not respecting and overlapping the text tool.
  • Fixed scrolling in the Users modal: Fixed bug for scrolling through all users within the modal.
  • Removed black border from some images Fixed issue for Present mode where images had black border around them.
  • Ensured expected behavior when zooming in and out: Fixed issue when zooming in to an image caused automatic zooming out right after it.
Craft Library
  • Resolved sync failure with updates to nested symbols: Fixed issue with nested symbols in Craft Library failing to trigger "Sync All" notification unless instances of that nested symbol are used in document.
  • Edit icon no longer missing in list view: Added an edit icon for colors in a Library list view.
  • Notification updated for deleted or moved libraries: When users delete or move libraries, the Sketch plugin now displays an alert notification.

Craft Sync

  • Unknown Error: When using Craft Sync there was a chance of receiving an unknown error” if your authentication token was out of date. 
  • Sketch Empty Text Crash: We fixed a bug that causing Sketch to crash if you tried to sync an artboard containing an empty text layer.

Craft Manager

  • Sketch Version Install: Craft Manager was failing to install if an old version of Sketch was installed even if a newer version was also present.
  • Craft Manager Startup Launch: Craft Manager wasn’t previously launching on startup even if the setting was enabled.

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Mobile - iOS

Version 2.4.1

    • Included stability improvements.
    • If you were experiencing issues with the app’s upgrade process, you can now perform an upgrade without any hiccups.

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Mobile - Android

Version 0.0.66
    • Included stability improvements.
    • You can now reliably switch accounts.
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Bug Fixes

  • Platform Stability & Security: A number of general security fixes