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How do I give developers access to Inspect for my prototypes?

When viewing public share links, developers or others on your team can request access to Inspect. To request access, they must navigate to the bottom right of the prototype, click the Inspect mode icon (inspect-icon.png), and click Request access.


The individual will be prompted to fill out a form with their contact details. If the individual is already signed in to the correct account, they can request access without entering their contact details.

If on a Free, Pro, or Team plan, an email will be sent to the prototype owner. The prototype owner can then approve access for the requester.

If on an Enterprise plan, an email will be sent to the Enterprise owner. The requester also must occupy a paid seat in the Enterprise in order for the owner to approve their access. When the owner receives the request email, they can simultaneously add the requester to the prototype and its team.

In some instances, Enterprise members can join a prototype and use Inspect immediately. If their current role has the permission Can preview and join all company prototypes, then they don’t need to request access after signing in. To learn more about Enterprise permissions, check out this article: What are the Enterprise roles and permissions?