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Release Notes - June 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.



Bug Fixes

  • 20-Second Timeout: Fixed a bug that issued a 20-second timeout that impacted user performance
  • Removed Spinner: Removed a continuously-animating spinner that impacted performance in console
  • Email Address Pending:  Fixed a bug where email address changes would remain pending unless you were signed into InVision before confirming their new email. 
  • Projects Page Stuck Loading: Fixed a bug where the projects page would be stuck in loading for some users
  • Enterprise Migration Users Stuck in Pending: Fixed a bug where users who were stuck’ pending an invite when their team migrated to an enterprise account
  • Share Modal Slowness: Improved speed of share modal for teams with a high number of member
  • Share URLs Auto-Generate: Corrected a bug where share URLs were generating before you could explicitly generate them
  • Share Link Modal Cutoff: Fixed a bug where the share modal would be cut off in certain browser windows and screen resolutions
  • Email Change in Different Browser Sessions: You are now able to change their email and confirm said change in different browser sessions
  • Enterprise Projects Page Failed to Load: Fixed a bug where the projects page intermittently failed to load with "The JSON Web Token signature is invalid" error for some users until cache clear. 
  • View Billing Information: Some users were unable to view their billing information due to an error. 


Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Decommission
Read the full announcement here.

Bug Fixes


  • Improved Asset Handling: Assets marked for export in a symbol, or with a prefix, should now be downloadable via Inspect. If your assets contain a forward slash we now follow the same pattern as Sketch and store them in folders.
  • Improved Symbol Handling: Inspect now better handles nested symbols and overrides. More improvements coming soon!



What’s New  

Craft Data 
Photoshop version of Data plugin released. Now you have Photos + Type plugin merged to one mirroring functionality from Sketch. Except JSON and Webview.
Craft Library v.2.5
New major version was released to production. With changes to core functionality supporting just symbols as main components.
Stock Plugin
New plugin for Getty/iStock photography was released for both Sketch and Photoshop.

Craft Sync Smart Artboard Selection

Automatically remove an artboard when syncing all artboards by prepending its name with a -” . This doesn’t apply when syncing only selected artboards.


Bug Fixes

Craft Manager:
  • Craft Update Available: You can now see a notification + modal window notifying that there’s a new Craft plugin update

Craft Data: 

  • Symbol Support for Sketch 44: Fixed issue for supporting symbols in Sketch 44
  • Sketch 45 Crash by Data Plugin: Fixed issue that was crashing Sketch 45 while using Data photos from Unsplash + Webview

Craft Freehand:

  • Type changes syncing: Now all the changes to type are reflected correctly to all users viewing that Freehand document
  • Double/Triple click on text: Issue with a double & triple click on text elements was fixed and improved to always work.

Craft Library:

  • Compatibility issues: A lot of corrupted old libraries are now working and can be imported properly to new version of library plugin
  • Color or font style changes duplicate: Fixed issue of duplicated created while changing existing color or font styles associated with a style in Document Styles.
  • Zoomed-in thumbnails: Fixed issue with heavily zoomed-in thumbnails for shapes added to libraries
  • Document styles Line Height: Fixed issue with document styles failing to capture the change in Line Height and creating duplicated text styles


Craft Sync: 

  • Syncing to Archived Prototypes: You are no longer able to sync to an archived prototype, which previously caused Sketch to crash.
  • Sync Panel Stealing Focus: We fixed an issue that was occasionally causing the sync panel to remain open even if it wasn’t in focus.
  • Inspect Space in Assets: If an asset name started with a space it would fail to export.
  • Self Referencing Symbol: Sketch no longer crashes if there are self-referencing symbols.
  • Photoshop Sync 0 Artboards: Sync no longer spins indefinitely when attempting to sync 0 artboards. 

See all of the Craft release notes here.


Mobile - iOS

  • Version 2.4.0
    • Brand new user interface designed with bold typography, clean preview cards, and an improved filtering experience.

See all of the iOS app release notes here.


Mobile - Android

  • Version 0.0.61 - Public Beta
    • Introducing InVision for Android via Play Store’s Open Access program
    • Create a new InVision account
    • Access your prototypes on the go
    • Switch between InVision accounts


Bug Fixes

  • Platform Stability & Security: A number of general security fixes