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Getting Started

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Intro to the InVision Android App

The InVision Android app—available as a public beta release—allows you to easily view and share prototypes, right from your mobile device. Enjoy a faster, higher-fidelity experience.

Installing the app

To get started with the InVision Android app, you'll need to download the app from the Google Play Store. Your device must be on Android 7.0 or later.

Signing in to the InVision Android App

You can sign in to your personal or team account, Enterprise account, or Private Cloud account.

Sign in to your personal or team account

Once you open the InVision Android app on your device, you'll be prompted to sign in:

  1. Touch the Sign In button.

  2. Enter the email address and password you use for your InVision account, and then click Sign in:

  3. Next to the team (or personal account) you want to launch, touch Select.


The app will then open to the homescreen, where you can access your projects. If you signed in to a team, you'll see projects for that specific team only.

Sign in to your Enterprise account

To sign in to an Enterprise account on the InVision Android app:

  1. Open the InVision app and touch Sign In.

  2. On the sign-in screen, just below the Email address field, tap the Know your team domain? link.

  3. Enter your team’s unique domain (e.g.,, and then touch Continue.

  4. Enter the email address and password you use for your InVision Enterprise account, and then touch Sign in.


The app will then open to the homescreen, where you can access your projects for the Enterprise.

The InVision Android app also supports SSO for Enterprise accounts. If you are a Private Cloud user, check out the knowledge base article Accessing a Private Cloud instance via the InVision Android App.

Viewing prototypes

After signing in to your account, you will be taken to the Documents home screen. This screen displays a list of all prototypes and freehands.

If you’re on InVision V6, you won’t currently see freehands in our Android app, but you can still use Freehand via desktop or on your Android devices as well as publish designs to Freehand from Studio and the Craft plugin.


The prototypes are ordered according to what’s been updated most recently. To search for a specific prototype, tap the search icon (Image_2018-08-28_at_10.14.47_AM.png) at the top right of the Documents home screen.

Sample prototypes will not appear in the list of prototypes.

Navigate through your prototype by either swiping left and right, or tapping hotspots. If you tap on a screen in an area without a hotspot, you’ll be able to view hotspot areas.

Sharing prototypes

To share a prototype from your Android device:

  1. Go to the Documents home screen and find your desired prototype.
  2. To the right of the prototype, click the share icon (Image_2018-08-28_at_12.02.47_PM.png).
  3. Tap the corresponding option to share your prototype via SMS or Email address, or tap Copy share link to send a public link via your preferred method.


Exiting prototypes

To exit a prototype you’re viewing, long press anywhere on the screen (not covered by a hotspot) to pull up the prototype menu.


To return to the Documents home screen, tap Exit prototype. If you just want to see all screens in the current prototype, tap Back to all screens.

Mirroring Studio prototypes

Before using the Studio prototype mirroring feature, you'll need to ensure that both devices are running on the same WiFi network. If you have any other trouble mirroring your prototype, you may need to check for any interference due to your router or firewall settings.

To mirror a Studio prototype from your Android device:

  1. Ensure that your Android device and your computer are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. In the Studio toolbar, click the mirror icon (studio-mirror-to-device.png). This will generate a unique QR code.
  3. In the footer of the InVision Android app, tap the QR scanner icon (qr-scan-button.png).
    If this is your first time opening the QR scanner, you will need to allow InVision to access your camera.
  4. Scan the QR code displayed in Studio. This will automatically mirror the prototype to your device.

To stop mirroring the prototype from within Studio, at the bottom of the Studio sync dialog, hover over the green dot next to your device name and click the X that’s revealed.


User Testing

The user test mode in the InVision Android app lets you and your testing group view and navigate your prototype without swiping or hotspot hinting enabled. In other words, you can conduct more effective user testing with prototypes synced to InVision from Studio, Sketch, or Photoshop.

Entering User Test Mode

To begin a user test in the InVision Android app:

  1. Open the prototype you want to test.
  2. In the upper-right corner, touch the ••• (more) menu icon.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, touch Refresh prototype (just to ensure you’re testing the latest changes).
  4. Again at the bottom of the screen, touch Begin user test.
  5. View and navigate the prototype as wanted.

Navigating the InVision Android App While in User Test Mode

To restart a test while in user test mode:

  1. Anywhere on the screen, long press until the Prototype Options menu opens.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, touch Start over.
  3. View and navigate the prototype as wanted.

To exit a user test:

  1. Anywhere on the screen, long press until the Prototype Options menu opens.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, touch End user test.
    You will be returned to the All Screens view for the prototype.

Your account

To access your account, tap the avatar at the bottom right of the app. On the account page, you can get support, leave feedback, and sign out.

All of your prototypes are removed when you sign out, so you won’t be able to view them offline.

Frequently asked questions

Is Freehand available on my Android device?

If you're on InVision V7, you can create, view, and edit freehands from the InVision Android app.

If you're on InVision V6, Freehand for Android has been temporarily paused but will become available again when InVision V7 is launched.

Can I view boards or comment on a project, similar to the Android app?

These options are not yet available on Android, but our team is working to add features like these in the coming months.