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Release Notes - May 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.



Bug Fixes

  • Projects not loading promptly during first time sign in: Users with SAML provisioned accounts weren’t properly seeing all of their projects the first time they signed in, requiring them to refresh the page. This has been resolved.


Bug Fixes


  • For Photoshop: If a user changes their Type preferences in Units & Rulers within Photoshop from "Points" to "Pixels," the Font Size were rendering as "NaNpx" when you click a text field.
  • InVision Sync Google Auth: Resolved an issue that was preventing Google Auth from working in InVision Sync.
  • Layer Asset: Layers named with a /” and marked as exportable were not downloadable in Inspect.
  • Blurry JPGs: Asset in JPG format were blurry when downloaded from Inspect.
  • Assets in Subfolders: Inspect now properly handles forward slashes by creating subfolders in the assets directory.
  • Font Size PSD: Inspect was sometimes displaying the incorrect font size for text layers from PSD files



What’s New  

Prototype in Sketch!
With Craft Prototype, you’ll experience an unparalleled level of continuity between Sketch and InVision. By bringing your design and prototyping process together, work faster, collaborate more seamlessly, and stay focused to create more amazing products with your team.
Read the full announcement here.
Update functionality across all plugins: 
Auto-update detection right from Sketch plugins without a need for CRAFT Manager to be open or trigger the update This prevents you from experiencing a broken Sketch when there’s a waiting update for CRAFT. Notifications include an easy flow with alert modals + update buttons that will open and update through CRAFT Manager.
Photoshop Data plugin released: 
Photos + Type were merged to mirror the Sketch plugin and have just one Data plugin. Only difference left is Sketch’s unique JSON + web view.
Sketch Data Plugin: 
Data works while in symbols now.
Freehand Items Snap to Grid: 
You can now snap your items to an invisible grid, as well as a horizontal/vertical axis by holding SHIFT + Moving your items. This works for all objects in Freehand including text, images, and artboards.

Bug Fixes

Craft Manager:
  • Plugin Versions: We made a change that makes it easier to see version numbers of individual plugins. 
  • Smarter Updating: We made a few changes that make it easier to keep your plugins up to date

Craft Plugins:

  • Data types for Craft in Sketch now fixed

Craft Freehand:

  • Improved quality at each zoom level: You can now see your artboards even clearer in Freehand. Previously it was possible to get blurry artboards at certain zoom levels, now Freehand will progressively load higher quality versions of your artboards at each zoom level.

Craft Prototype:

  • Overlay Background Opacity: Setting the Overlay Background Opacity in Craft Prototype with a numeric value without % was throwing an error.
  • Overlay Fixed Position: When the Fix position of overlay setting was unchecked in Craft prototype, and artboards/hotspots were synced, overlays were still remaining fixed in position.
  • Target Screen: When a Desktop "Link to Screen" hotspot is set to Hover and Stay on Target Screen in Craft Prototype mode, the Stay on Target Screen setting was not being respected once synced up to InVision.
  • Prototype Link: The size of the clicking area for modifying a link was being changed depending on the zoom level. 

Craft Sync:

  • Photoshop Artboard Sync: New Artboards in Photoshop wouldn’t sync unless they were converted from a layer or layer groups. This is no longer the case.
  • Forward Slash in Artboards: We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing forward slashes from being included in a sync. This has been reverted to the previous behavior of using - instead of /.
  • Google Auth: Google Auth was failing in Craft Sync.
  • Sketch Crash Artboard Name: Sketch was crashing if Sketch artboard name contained a forward slash "/".
  • Share Link: Certain PC environments were linking to the wrong prototype share link in Craft Sync.
  • Create New Prototype: "Create a new prototype" option in Craft Sync was not working after the first time in new files. 
  • Thumbnail Generation: Thumbnails weren’t fully generating after creating a new prototype via Craft Sync and then going into InVision to select the mobile project type.
  • Artboard Sync: Syncing artboards from a Sketch file with Craft while a copy of the file is open errantly showed "No artboards selected" or syncs from the wrong file.
  • Sketch Crash File Data: Certain files with incorrect metadata were causing Sketch to crash when opening the Craft Sync panel.
  • Photoshop 2.0.17 Generator Error: Craft Sync was failing to connect on Photoshop version 2.0.17.
  • Craft Plugin Beta Sketch 43: Added support for Sketch 43 for the Craft Prototype beta plugin.



  • Version 2.3.3
    • Quickly manage Conversations with new swipe actions
    • Easily mark all Conversations read or unread
    • Bug fixes and minor improvements

See all of the iOS app release notes here.


Bug Fixes

  • Platform Stability & Security:
    • For enhanced, a password will need to be reentered when switching between a company and personal account
    • A number of general security fixes