Third parties with access to customer confidential information

Below is a list of all third-party service providers that may have access to Customer personal data in connection with the provision of the InVision service:


Name Description of Service
Amazon Web Services Hosting and Internet infrastructure services
Akamai Cloud Web Application Firewall & DDoS
Auth0 Authentication
HubSpot Marketing emails
Intercom Contains event history for users, messaging
Iron.io Mobile hosting and infrastructure services
Janrain Google Auth SSO integration
Loggly Hosting of logs
MixPanel Event history for individual users
MongoDB Atlas

Data management service

Netsuite Billing, subscription management, general ledger
Postmark Transactional emais
Recurly   Billi
Salesforce.com Sales system for hosting data on all customer relationships
Verizon Edgecast CDN
Zendesk   Support
Zuora Billing and eCommerce management service