How to update a library created with Craft Library 1.0.5 and earlier to work with version 1.0.28 and later

With huge improvements in performance, reliability, and sharing, Library provides a new format of updating your Library items.
Library now functions so that components are symbol based. All the libraries that have been created in the previous versions will be imported and fully functional by following the below steps.


Note: Once Libraries are converted to this new format, they’re not compatible with old versions of Craft Library. Your team will need to update to the latest version of Craft to use the new Libraries. 
Each layer or group is now a separate symbol within Library. When you drag and drop a layer element from the new Library into your Sketch document, it appears in the layers panel as a fully functional symbol with all overrides. The components that were added as groups or layers will be converted to symbols automatically.
If you had Library items that were layers or groups synced in your Sketch document before these changes, you will need to replace the items from in your new Library from the Library panel into your Sketch document to update and sync your Library items moving forward.Any existing symbols within the library will remain linked.
1. Select the Library file you'd like to update in the Library panel.
2. Select the layer or group in your Sketch document that corresponds to the Library item.
3. Remove the layer or group from the layers panel in Sketch.
4. Click and drag the corresponding Library element from the Library panel onto your Sketch document.  A new symbol appears in the layers panel.
5. Change and sync your new symbol to your Library as normal.

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