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Release Notes - April 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.


Bug Fixes

  • Sign In to Comment: For security purposes, we released a change that requires you to sign in when leaving a comment on prototype share links.
  • “Form expired” error for Private Cloud sign in: On Private Cloud, the sign-in page sometimes indicated a “form expired” error when attempting to sign in. This has been resolved. 


Bug Fixes

  • Share link branding changes sometimes not saved: If you had trouble saving changes to your custom branding settings for share links, you can now update these without error.
  • Duplicate screens displayed in screens list: Sometimes the same screen would show up multiple times within the screens drawer while editing prototypes. You should now see these only once.
  • Black screen in Preview mode: While editing a prototype, you might occasionally see a black screen instead of the intended screen in preview. You’ll see all of your screens now.
  • Hotspots with external URLs: Hotspots with external URLs were sometimes pointing to but will now take you to the intended destination.
  • SSO PC Environments: Some private cloud customers were having trouble signing in via SSO if they were already signed in. 


What’s New

Rename Artboards

You can now rename artboards in Sketch without creating duplicate screens in InVision. This initially caused some troubles due to how we're matching screens. However, we released an update which resolved these issues.

S3 Proxy

If you are working behind a proxy or firewall then we’ve just made your life a little bit easier. You no longer have to allowlist AmazonAWS to be able to use Craft Sync.

Bug Fixes

Craft Sync

  • Auto Stretch Automatically Set: We’ve fixed an issue where the auto stretch setting was being set automatically for screens synced via Craft Sync.
  • Letter Casing Sketch Crash: We fixed an issue that when replacing a prototype screen with the same name but different casing, it would cause Sketch to crash. 
  • Duplicate Artboards: We were seeing a large number of duplicate prototype screens due to a recent change to how we matched using the source filename. As a result, we’ve brought back the old way of matching using screen name while keeping the ability to rename artboards without creating duplicates.
  • Identical Asset Names: Artboards with assets marked as exportable using the same name would result in Sketch crashing.
  • File Size Limit: We’ve increased the file size limit of synced screens. It was previously set to 10mb and is now 100mb.
  • Enterprise Security for Craft Manager: We released a fix for proxied S3 URLs.


Bug Fixes

  •  Bugs and Stability: We fixed several bugs affecting Boards and Inbox. Things should be better than ever!


Bug Fixes

  • Help Widget on Paid Plans: help widget now properly displays on paid plans
  • A number of general security fixes