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Release Notes - March 2017


We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.




Bug Fixes

  • Branding logo upload failure: an issue that prevented the upload of a custom branding logo for share links was resolved. 


What’s New 

InVision for JIRA Configuration Page:
You can now turn the integration off for certain JIRA project types via the new add-on configuration page making it clearer when to pair prototypes with your issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Unicode Assets: We fixed an issue that prevented assets with Unicode characters in their name from being exported in Inspect.
  • Stability: Everyone is now able to view the projects screen as expected no matter the number of projects on their team, or their role.
  • Reviewers downloading source files: A bug allowed users with Reviewer permissions in your enterprise account to download project source files. This fix prevents reviewers from downloading source files. 



What’s New

Freehand Animated GIFs:
You can now use Animated GIFs in your Freehand to best get your concepts across whether it’s with an animated workflow or meme of the month.
Copy/Paste Images and Artboards in Freehand:
You can now copy and paste artboards and images from your computer, Photoshop, Sketch, and even between Freehands!
Duplicate Items in Freehand via Keyboard Shortcuts:
You can now leverage your design tools chops and use the same shortcuts you use in Sketch to duplicate items in Freehand via the Shift + Move, and Shift + Alt + Move keyboard shortcuts.
Transparent PNGs:
You can now use Transparent PNGs in Freehand to clearly demonstrate your design and workflow concepts.
Vector Pen:
You can now draw diagonal lines with assistance by holding the SHIFT key while you draw with the pen tool to get assistance in drawing perfectly straight lines at different angles. 
Craft Web Onboarding:
Now when you visit the Craft web page and download Craft you’ll get visually instructive and animated descriptions of each Craft plug-in helping you to become an active Craft user more quickly.
Craft Onboarding:
Now when you install Craft for the first time, you’ll see visually descriptive onboarding experience for each Craft plug-in you have enabled.
Freehand Onboarding:
Now when you use Freehand for the first time you’ll get a step-by-step onboarding experiencing instructing you how to use all the core features.
Renaming Artboards:
You can now rename your artboards in Sketch without it creating duplicate prototype screens.
Create Prototype in Craft Sync:
You can now create InVision prototypes without having to leave Sketch or Photoshop! 
New Syncing Indicator:
Ever get tired of waiting for a sync to finish? You can now minimize the Craft Sync window and still have visibility over upload progress while you continue working. We even alert you when your prototype is ready to view.

Bug Fixes

Craft Data
  • Custom Items Showing Duplicate Content: Fixed issue where creating multiple custom items would sometimes show the same data across all items, rather than unique data for each custom item.
Craft Freehand
  • Borders / Drop Shadows not showing: Artboards now show borders and drop shadows even when there’s a large number of artboards. 
Craft Sync
  • Performance and Reliability Improvements: We’ve completely refactored Craft Sync
  • Craft Sync Keystroke Crashes: Keystrokes were previously causing Sketch to crash during syncing. 
  • Photoshop Load Time: Nobody likes a beachball. That’s why we’ve decreased the loading time for Photoshop Craft Sync from 30 seconds to 4. 
  • Sign-in Error: You’ll see far less Unknown Error messages when trying to sign in to Craft Sync. 
  • Deleted Prototype: Deleted prototypes no longer show up in Craft Sync prototype selector. 



Bug Fixes

Platform Stability & Security:
  • Password Change Confirmation: A success message is now shown when user successfully changes password
  • A number of general security fixes



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