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How can I access my Private Cloud application logs?

Members of InVision’s Private Cloud offering can access application logs for their security-enhanced instance.
In order to obtain access to logs, you will need to request that private logging be enabled for your account and provide InVision with an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account Resource Number (ARN). Log files will be available only to the AWS user specified by you.

You may provide the ARN number for an existing AWS user, or create a new user for the sole purpose of consuming InVision log files.

Note that application logs will only be available for activity after private logging has been enabled by InVision Support.

Consuming InVision Private Cloud logs

Once setup is complete, InVision Private Cloud logs will be delivered automatically in raw format to an S3 bucket which can be accessed using the ARN user account provided. Access the logs using any S3 client or programmatically via the AWS Command-Line Interface and forward them to your application monitoring tool of choice (e.g. Amazon’s CloudWatch).

Steps to create a new AWS user 

  1. Sign in to an existing AWS account or create a new account at
  2. Navigate to the user management tab at
  3. Select the option to add a new user. 
  4. Enter a user name and provide programmatic access.
  5. Provide the new user with ReadOnlyAccess permissions.
  6. Create the new user.
  7. The ARN number for the newly created user will then be displayed.