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Release Notes - October 2016


We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.



What’s New 

New user onboarding:
A nicer introduction to InVision. First-timers will receive new introduction messages to the different InVision editor/console modes – like Preview, Build, and Inspect – when entering a prototype for the first time.
Product Area:
We moved all credit card processing to client-side Recurly.js intake forms so that no sensitive credit card information passes through our network (adhering to strict PCI compliance).
Redesigned signup & sign in:
Signing up for, and signing into InVision has a new look and feel. We’ve upped our game with a new responsive UI that looks cleaner and loads faster.

Bug Fixes

Product Area:
  • Downgrade modal: We fixed a bug in the downgrade modal that was preventing you from being able to select the “Pause Plan” as the downgrade target.
  • Upgrade modal: We fixed a bug in the upgrade modal that was always showing the same price, regardless of which plan you had chosen. 


What’s New

Introducing InVision for JIRA
Tackle issues together with InVision for JIRA. Bring your design workflow right into JIRA to give every issue instant context with always up-to-date design access. Read the full announcement.
Introducing the new Projects tab:
You’ll now see all your boards and prototypes under one unified view called “Projects”, making it easier to find and create new projects with your team. Read the full announcement.

Bug Fixes

  • Console progress bar in preview mode gets stuck: Fixed an issue so that the progress bar would fully disappear after the prototype is fully loaded in Preview Mode. 



Bug Fixes

Craft Sync:
  • Craft Sync Sign-In Failure: Users were experiencing intermittent sign-in failures. This update improves the stability of signing in.
  • Syncing newly saved file: Saving a file after Craft Sync prompts you to do so will no longer result in failed sync attempts. 
  • Incorrect projects: Craft Sync is no longer showing fake data in the projects dropdown. 
  • Sync density default: All syncs now are set to 2x density by default.
  • Prototype selector: The prototype selector was selecting a random prototype to be synced. We straightened it out. 
  • Broken UI: Signing out and back into Craft Sync would result in some UI issues. We tidied this up.
  • Artboard count: We fixed an error that would show an incorrect artboard count when syncing.
  • Inactive UI: Occasionally the sync panel would deactivate if no artboards were selected. 
  • Long account names: For those of you who have long account names you no longer have to horizontally scroll.
  • Open prototype button: We fixed an issue that would prevent the open button from showing after selecting a prototype.
  • Status footer reset: We’ve stopped the status footer from occasionally resetting when switching sync type.
  • Prototype open button: The prototype open button was previously sending people to the InVision prototype page, it now sends you to the public share link to share with others.
  • Syncing all artboards: We found and resolved an issue that was causing the sync to fail when syncing all artboards in a document.


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