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Release Notes - February 2017

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.



What’s New

Configurable password policies for Enterprise accounts:
Enterprise admins can now set up a configurable password policy for their organization, set expirations for passwords, and prevent password reuse.
SSO now supports additional hashing algorithms:
SSO implementation has been updated to support additional, stronger hashing algorithms (SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512) for signing SAML requests.
Streamlined billing information:
Billing Address as part of the Payment Method form on your Profile page is no longer collected.

Bug Fixes

Platform Stability & Security:
  • API call improvements: We have added an exponential back-off to the main application’s configuration API call in an attempt to prevent our clients from acting as accidental DDOS agents when the application is under duress. 
  • Account payment processing resolution: We moved a small cohort of users to a Custom subscription plan after we had discovered that a bug in our event-logging had prevented proper payment collection. Support is working with these users to get them back on their proper plan.
Account Signup:
  • Collaborator invitations: Previously, collaborators you invite to InVision would get an error if they tried to sign up with a different email address. This has been fixed with a more streamlined signup page.


  • Enterprise prototypes in mobile view: Prototypes belonging to your enterprise account were being shown in the InVision mobile app if you signed in with your linked personal account. Your enterprise projects were just as safe but to avoid confusion, you will now only see them if you are looking at your enterprise account.
  • Reviewer upload error messaging: An error message was added for reviewers who attempt to upload files. Previously, this action would fail silently. 



What’s New 

InVision for JIRA Now Supports JIRA Server:
InVision for JIRA now supports JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server 7.0.0 to 7.3.2. Pair your JIRA issues with InVision prototypes in your team’s secure JIRA environment.
InVision for Slack Now Supports Slack for Enterprise:
Use InVision for Slack to connect your prototypes directly to your Slack for Enterprise teams and their channels.

Bug Fixes

InVision for JIRA:
  • Updated SDK: We’ve updated to Atlassian’s latest SDK which resolved potential JIRA security vulnerabilities and stability issues.
InVision for Slack:
  • Thumbnail link reliability: Previously when clicking a link from within Slack that pointed to InVision prototypes, you’d receive a 404 error. We updated the URL to correct a missing /”. 



What’s New

Introducing CRAFT Freehand:
Freehand is a fast, flexible new way to collaborate in real time. It’s an infinite, collaborative space for your team to work through design ideas from Sketch or Photoshop on any device. Read the full announcement or download Craft!

Bug Fixes

Craft Freehand:
  • Image resizing: Fixed an issue where images weren’t resizing in real time when acted upon.
  • Pinch to zoom while hovering resizes whole page: When you would pinch to zoom while hovering an element the whole page would resize, not just the elements on the canvas.
  • Pinch to zoom doesn’t cancel follow in Safari
  • Artboard quality: Improved raster image quality when loading a Freehand with many artboards or very large images. 
  • Unable to Pan’ properly in Firefox: Pan wasn’t working properly for Firefox with either spacebar or mouse/touchpad.