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Release Notes - December 2016

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.


What's New

Checkout / Billing Updates:

Our billing page is now responsive for you on smaller screens. We’ve also added some more questions to ensure when signing up for our enterprise plan you get a more personalized experience.

Bug Fixes

Platform Stability & Security:

  • Mobile redirects: We fixed a bug in our Desktop-to-Mobile redirect in which you were being sent to a page that didn’t exist.
  • Cookies on share links: We fixed a bug in the Share experience in which the Cookie definitions being sent to the client were missing HTTP Only and Secure flags.
  • Spam prevention via Share: We put a limit on the length of the custom message that can be sent in a Share email in an effort to deter malicious users from using Share emails as a SPAM vector.
  • Rate-limit restrictions: We tightened our rate-limit restrictions to help prevent malicious users from having a negative impact on our infrastructure.
  • LiveShare Photoshop Plugin deprecated: We removed all references to LiveShare Photoshop, which has been sunset.


What's New

UserTesting Experience Updates:

You’ll find example test video links throughout the UserTesting integration so it's clearer what to expect from your test results. In addition, we’ve polished up a few other user experience elements such as the layout to make it easier to create tests from and for different device types.

Bug Fixes


  • Comment list rendering: We fixed an issue in Safari where @mention names and comments were rendered on top of each other.
  • Comment resolution email: We fixed a bug where the proper set of people were not being notified when a comment was resolved.


  • Navigating comments: We fixed a bug that would close Inbox if you clicked on a different comment without saving your reply.

InVision for Slack:

  • Slack Sketch file notifications: Sketch files weren’t syncing correctly with InVision for Slack, causing only some of your prototype updates to be pushed to a synced Slack channel. All updates to Sketch files are now communicating appropriately with Slack via InVision Sync, Selective Sync, and File Sync.


  • LiveShare linking: Opening a LiveShare link from Projects no longer sends you to the wrong LiveShare.

Prototype Editor & Share View:

  • Share link destination screen: Fixed an issue where share links to specific screens were failing to load.
  • Hotspot link failure on Windows devices: Fixed an issue on Windows 7 and 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11, hotspots and pagination weren’t working.
  • Screen cutoff in preview mode: Fixed an issue in prototypes with a fixed header, the bottom portion of a screen image disappeared if the console toolbar was hidden.
  • Mobile prototype overlays disappearing: Fixed an issue in the bottom edge of mobile or tablet where overlays would disappear in preview mode.
  • Nested overlay positioning: Fixed an issue where nested overlays would appear in relation to the screen size versus the position of overlay A.
  • Ordering of screens between overview page and preview: Fixed an issue where screens were being re-ordered from the screens tab into preview mode, when the expectation was that screens would be ordered based on the sort order in screens tab.
  • Screens not centered in Preview Mode: On a 13” Macbook Pro, screens were fixing to the top left corner of the browser instead of being centered. We re-aligned everything to the middle.
  • Large retina screens repeating: We resolved an issue where large retina images rendered on non-retina displays would repeat content at the bottom of their screen in Preview Mode.
  • Interaction icons matching animations: Fixed an inconsistency where the Push Left icon would actually have a prototype slide left.
  • LiveShare link not working: Fixed an issue where clicking the LiveShare link would open an incorrect URL.

Share Links:

  • Long account names: Longer Enterprise names no longer break the share link modal UI when the “Require Share Link Authentication” setting is set to true.
  • Opening Share Links: To resolve a security concern, InVision share links no longer automatically open in InVision Viewer for iOS.


What’s New

Craft Sync supports Private Cloud and SSO Sign-in:

Private Cloud users are now able to sign in via Craft Sync. We have also added support for SSO.

Inspect Now Available for Photoshop Files Synced via Craft Sync:

Photoshop fans rejoice! Inspect now fully supports Photoshop documents. Read the full announcement here.

Bug Fixes

Craft Data:

  • Unsplash crashing Sketch: Creating new categories sometimes caused Sketch to crash
  • Empty Spaces in Data: Extra space was added to your data when pulling data from a data source.
  • Sketch crashed when loading photo: Loading photos from web caused Sketch to crash
  • Placing photos crashed Sketch: When in path editing mode, your attempts to place a photo crashed Sketch.
  • Selecting group in Photos didn’t trigger notification: When selecting a group in Photos it should prompt you to select a layer to proceed.
  • Images linked to JSON URL didn’t display correctly: All images now display correctly when the image is linked to an external JSON URL.
  • JSON issue: Fixed issue where JSON files would fail after removing the initial document from Data plug-in.

Craft Duplicate:

  • Duplicate displayed 1st entry twice:  Duplicating with preserve order enabled left your 1st entry showing twice, rather than starting from the 2nd entry
  • Inconsistent Duplicate behavior: Duplicating with Unsplash resulted in an inconsistency in the duplicate behavior, getting the same images depending on the alignment of their action.
  • Duplicate plugin ignored selected color theme: Your selected color theme in Photoshop was not taken into account, and medium gray was used instead.
  • Duplicating DATA elements didn’t load new data: When you duplicated data elements, sometimes they didn’t generate new data if the selection had any static, non-data elements.
  • Duplicate not incrementing numbers properly: Images duplicated from API or JSON would repeat the first number, rather than increment by 1.

Craft Library:

  • Libraries fail to load or import: Setting file names with a line separator Unicode character would prevent the library from importing.
  • Moving groups revert names: Moving groups to a different category resulted in a group name of “Untitled Group”, and also renamed their other groups.
  • Symbols and non-symbols behave differently: Replacing items in your library behaves differently and replaces for non-symbols but duplicates symbols. Both should now replace.
  • Library text styles not displaying details: An update caused Library Text Styles to no longer display text style details as it previously did.
  • Scrolling issue to bottom of list: Scrolling to the bottom of a Library list didn’t work.
  • Sketch browse all versions expands panel: Fixed an issue where selecting Sketch’s “Browse all versions” would sometimes cause the bottom of library panel to become inaccessible.
  • Can’t abort Create New Library”: You were unable to cancel creating a new library and go back to your previously created library if it existed.
  • Nested symbols don’t show properly: Fixed an issue where Libraries with nested symbols would show “Symbol Missing”.
  • Import Library button cropped: Default height of Library panel was too short, causing the import button to not be fully visible.
  • Sync Styles hidden: When Library was at default height, the Sync Styles button was not visible.
  • Document icons not working: Fixed an issue where Document’s icons wouldn’t trigger their actions.

Craft Manager:

  • Application signing: We’ve updated application signing to be more reliable.
  • Crashes and bugs: Several miscellaneous issues were resolved. Things should be running smoothly.

Craft Sync:

  • Photoshop Sync reliability: We fixed an issue when syncing in Photoshop that prevented Inspect from working.