How do I replace a screen using Google, Dropbox, or Box with different file names?

Note: This article refers to a method of file syncing that is being discontinued. Please see the announcement for more details. We strongly recommend that you start using Craft Sync now.

Replacing screens via Selective Sync is automatic when the file name remains the sameWhen an updated screen's filename is different from the previous, we treat this as a new screen. Note: It is not currently possible to replace multiple screens at a time with this method.

Follow these steps to resume automatic screen replacement when the screen's file name has changed:

  1. Save a copy of the replacement screen to your Desktop, or another local folder on your computer.
  2. Log into InVision, and click into the prototype you’ll be replacing screens.
  3. Go to the screen you want to replace by clicking the screen thumbnail and entering Build Mode.
  4. Drag and drop the updated image into the browser. 
  5. Next, link the new file by clicking the pink + icon and selecting the appropriate sync icon. Select your file from the file chooser that appears. Then click Select, and your screen will update with Selective Sync.




To test, make a change to the new screen in your design application and sync as normal. Once the sync completes, your screen is now linked with a new file name.

It is not currently possible to replace multiple screens with this method.