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Getting Started

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Transferring a Prototype

Before you start

Here are some things to note before getting started:

  • Currently, you cannot transfer Studio prototypes.
  • This article does not apply to Private Cloud instances of InVision. Prototype migrations for Private Cloud do not include comments, history, share links, or collaborators. That said, if you need to transfer a prototype to or from a Private Cloud instance, please contact InVision Support.

Personal to Enterprise

You must ensure that all collaborators who should continue to access the prototype are at least reviewers in your Enterprise before transferring to your Enterprise account. Otherwise, they will get removed as collaborators upon transfer.

To transfer ownership of a prototype to your Enterprise:

  1. Sign in to your personal account:
  2. Navigate to the Projects page and open your prototype.
  3. Click the ••• (more) icon, and then click Transfer Ownership.
  4. Click the drop-down and select your Enterprise account.
  5. Click Yes, Transfer Prototype.


After transferring the prototype, you can sign in to your Enterprise account and open the prototype (as seen in the GIF above). To invite or remove teams and collaborators, navigate to the top right of the page and click the green Share button. Currently, you must do this for each prototype you transfer. There is not a way to bulk assign prototypes to specific collaborators or teams.

Enterprise to Personal or Enterprise to Enterprise

To have your prototypes properly migrated from an Enterprise account, please contact InVision Support.

Here are a few important notes regarding prototype migrations:

  • All share links previously shared will continue to work.
  • All hotspots, comments, screens, templates, and assets will be retained.
  • Any emails notification received prior to migration cannot be replied to. Once the migration has occurred, people can reply to new email notifications without any issues.