Introduction to the InVision iOS App

The InVision iOS app is available for both iPhone and iPad and allows you to view and collaborate on your prototypes quickly and easily on your device. Read and comment on prototypes; reference, share, and comment on all of your design assets in Boards with a tap; record live audio, video, and screen interactions with user tests to make better UX decisions; enjoy a faster, higher-fidelity experience online and off; provide feedback directly in-app; and much more. 


To get started with the InVision iOS app, you'll need to download the InVision iOS app from the App Store .

Once you open the InVision iOS app on your device, you'll be prompted to log in. Enter your account information (email address and password), then tap the pink Login button. If OnePassword is enabled on your device, you can use that to log in. The InVision iOS app also supports SSO for Enterprise accounts. Click here for more info on accessing a Private Cloud instance via the InVision iOS app.
Log in to your account, then navigate to the My Prototypes tab by tapping the folder icon:
Tap on each prototype to load it onto your phone. Once this is complete, you’ll be able to view them offline in addition to any prototype share links which you have downloaded, and they’ll also show up in your Launchpad when you tap the InVision logo at the bottom left:
By default, prototypes will be sorted alphanumerically, but once you start using the app, the prototypes will reorder according to what’s been opened most recently.
You can search for prototypes by type or name by tapping the spotlight icon in the My Prototypes tab (folder icon) and entering a name or type, such as iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. 
If you tap on a screen in an area without a hotspot, you’ll be able to view hotspot areas. You'll also be able to click Prototype Options to open a menu that allows you to share the prototype, enter comment mode, remove the prototype from your device (this will not remove the prototype from your InVision account), view all screens, or edit prototype.

Once you’re logged in, you can access shortcuts from your mobile home screen by force touching the InVision iOS app icon. Tap Conversations to go directly to your latest notifications, or tap Open Last Project to go directly to the last prototype or board you viewed. Tap the share icon to share the InVision iOS app.


To share a prototype via the InVision iOS app:

  1. Open your prototype in the mobile app.
  2. Tap on a screen.
  3. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen, or tap an area without a hotspot and click Prototype Options.
  4. Tap Share prototype .

  5. Then select how you’d like to share it (email a link, generate a link to copy, or SMS a link). Choosing to share by email will open your email client app. Selecting to share via link will copy a link directly to your clipboard. Selecting to share via SMS will open a text message that you can send.

When you share a screen from the InVision iOS app, all screens in the prototype will be included in the share. There is currently no way to share a single screen from the InVision iOS app.