User Testing

Make more confident design decisions with InVision’s new user research partners UserTesting and custom share links. Watch how your prototype performs with users. From the prototype screen view, click on the ••• button, then click Start User Test. From here, you’ll be prompted to choose your test method, connect your account, and get started. 

Gathering Feedback with a Custom Share Link

You can use InVision share links with multiple user testing solutions, empowering you to use InVision with the user testing tools you’re already using. 
Note: Enterprise members that have enabled the setting to require authentication for all share links may be unable to use this method if testing with users who aren’t part of the Enterprise.
To create a custom user testing share link: 
  1. From your prototype page, click on the ••• button, then click Start User Test.
  2. On the Custom side, click Create Link .
  1. Review and change the share link settings, and click Copy.
  1. Paste the link in your user testing tool.
Here’s a helpful breakdown of each setting: 
Allow commenting on screens
When you toggle this setting off, users you share the URL with will not be able to comment on any of the screens in the prototype.
Allow access to all screens in prototype
When you toggle this setting off, users will only be able to navigate between screens via hotspots. When this setting is enabled (toggled on), users are able to navigate between screens using their left/right keys, or by clicking the screen drawer at the bottom right of the prototype.
Password protect
Enabling password protection allows you to create a custom password for your prototype. When you send a user a Share URL, they’ll need to enter the password in order to view the prototype.
Start the share link at
This setting allows you to choose the first screen your prototype starts on by default.
Hotspots enabled
When you toggle this setting off, users will only be able to navigate through your prototype using their left/right arrow keys, or by clicking the screen drawer at the bottom.
Prevent hotspot hinting
When you toggle this setting on, your hotspots will not flash on live demos.
Require user identification
When you require user identification, a user must enter their name and email address in order to view the prototype (unless they are already logged into their InVision account). 



Effective February 26, 2018, we will no longer offer an integration with UserTesting. Please see our announcement for complete details.

Run a usability test and get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your website or mobile app. It's a great way to discover usability issues and get feedback on your products and designs. 

Linking InVision and UserTesting for the First Time

To start, you'll need to link together your InVision and UserTesting accounts for the first time. To do so:

  1. Open InVision and go to a prototype you'd like to gather feedback on.
  2. From your prototype page, click on the ••• button, then click Start User Test.
  3. Click Connect to UserTesting and create a free account, or login.
  4. Click Connect, and authorize InVision to connect with UserTesting.com.
  5. Click the Get Started button.

Your submission to UserTesting from InVision is a lightweight, five-minute test with one individual. If you’d like more control over the number of participants, you’ll want to set up a UserTesting.com account and initiate the test from there.

You can then control who receives the test including how many users, target audience, and other settings.

Sending your Usability Test through UserTesting

To allow UserTesting to send your usability test to their participants:

  1. From your prototype page, click on the ••• button, then click Start User Test.
  2. Click Create a Usability Test.
  3. Introduce your prototype to the testers. Feel free to edit the content to the details that suit your prototype. Click Context Set, What’s Next?
  4. Define tasks for your test taker. Edit the tasks by clicking the text and typing. If you need ideas or examples for creating your user test with UserTesting, click here.
  5. Click Ready. Send For Testing Now!
  6. Click Done. Close This Tab.

You will receive an email when the test is complete with a link to your video.

Note: UserTesting.com allows 3 free tests per month limit. If you’d like to do more testing, click here to select the plan that best suits your needs.

Getting the Results of your Usability Test

UserTesting will send you a link to the video once it is available. To view the results of your test:

  1. Login to your UserTesting.com account.
  2. Scroll down to see your tests in your account within 24 hours.

For any questions using UserTesting.com, check out their Help Center for more information.