Adding Stakeholders

The instructions below for adding stakeholders only applies to Consumer Plan Accounts (Free, Starter, Professional, and Team plans). If you're on the Enterprise platform, visit the Enterprise guide.

Adding and Removing Collaborators

You can share your prototype by inviting collaborators. All plans are able to add unlimited collaborators. Collaborators have the ability to:

  • Edit prototypes
  • Delete screens
  • Replace screens
  • Add/remove hotspots
  • Leave comments on prototypes
  • Export prototypes to PDF or .zip file

Collaborators cannot create or delete prototypes.

To add collaborators, go to your prototype and click Share at the top right:

Once you click the share button, a modal will pop up that allows you to add collaborators to the prototype:

When adding collaborators, the list in the modal will show people in the following order (always A-Z within each group):

  • Teams collaborating
  • Individuals already collaborating
  • Invitees that are collaborating
  • Other teams
  • Other individuals
  • Other invitees

To remove collaborators:

  1. Open your prototype and click the avatar of the collaborator (at the top right of your prototype homepage) you'd like to remove. (If you have many collaborators, you may need to click "More" until their avatar appears.)
  2. Uncheck the mark next to their name.
  3. Click Update.

When you remove a collaborator from a prototype (or remove them completely from an account), their comments remain on the prototype.


Creating a public share link

You can also create a public share link. People who receive your public share link only have the ability to view, interact (click through), and leave comments on prototypes via that Share link and cannot otherwise see the prototype. They cannot leave comments via the mobile app or via web view from their mobile device at this time.

To create a URL share or public share link instead, click public share link at the bottom of the modal, or first adjust default settings for your public share link by clicking Link Settings at the bottom of the modal:


Here’s a look at the default share settings, which we’ll review in depth below:

Alternatively, quickly create a public share link from your main dashboard by hovering over your prototype, then clicking the share icon at the top left corner.

Here’s a helpful breakdown of each setting: 

Allow commenting on screens
When you toggle this setting off, users you share the URL with will not be able to comment on any of the screens in the prototype.

Allow access to all screens in prototype
When you toggle this setting off, users will only be able to navigate between screens via hotspots. When this setting is enabled (toggled on), users are able to navigate between screens using their left/right keys, or by clicking the screen drawer at the bottom right of the prototype.

Password protect
password protection allows you to create a custom password for your prototype. When you send a user a Share URL, they’ll need to enter the password in order to view the prototype.

Start the share link at
This setting allows you to choose the first screen your prototype starts on by default.

Hotspots enabled
When you toggle this setting off, users will only be able to navigate through your prototype using their left/right arrow keys, or by clicking the screen drawer at the bottom.

Prevent hotspot hinting
When you toggle this setting on, your hotspots will not flash on live demos.

Require user identification
When you require user identification, a user must enter their name and email address in order to view the prototype (unless they are already signed in to their InVision account).

If you want to only share a specific selection of screens, learn how to do that here.

Creating and Managing a Team


The following instructions only apply to owners of Team plans. There are a few steps you'll need to take in order to get your team setup correctly:

  1. Sign in to your account and click People
  2. Click Create a Team (one-time process) on the right to create your team.  
  3. Using the Invite Team Member button, add up to 4 designers to your team after you create your team. (If on Enterprise, you may be able to add more.) 
  4. Click the cogwheel next to the Invite Team Member button and check the box next to Allow team members to preview & join all team prototypes. This enables a shared bucket where all projects are share within the team. 
  5. Click Save Settings.
  6. Have any of your existing designers transfer ownership of prototypes they may have created prior to you adding them to your team (in steps 1-3). 
  7. Lastly, when your designers create a new prototype, they must select your team under Which Account? in the Create a Prototype modal.

Removing a Team Member

Only the owner of the Team plan is able to remove Team Members.

To remove users from your team:

  1. Click on People via the top menu.
  2. Hover over the Team member's tile and click View Profile under the name of the Team member.
  3. Click the triple dot menu to the right of Activity.
  4. Click Remove from {name of Team}.
  5. Click Yes, Remove from Team to confirm deletion. Warning: This team member will also be removed from all prototypes if they are removed from the team.
  6. Go back to your People page to confirm they've been removed.

Over Quota Messages While on the Team Plan

Over Quota messages appear in a Team member's account when the prototype is not owned by the Team plan owner. The person who purchases the Team plan is the main Team owner. The other 4 Team members also remain on their own plans - free or otherwise, if they’ve upgraded. As a Team member, the option to create new prototypes in the Team bucket is set by default.
Prototypes can be manually transferred to the Team anytime. The Team Member will need to enter the Team owner’s email address when performing the transfer. Once the transfer is complete and the prototype is owned by the Team plan owner, Team members will not longer receive the Over Quota message.
Access your Team's prototypes by clicking the down arrow to the right of My Projects and click on the Team Name:



Return to your personal prototypes by choosing My Projects.