Mood and Brand Boards and Beyond

Use Boards as a place to gather images, colors, fonts, etc., which will help to evoke or project a particular style or concept. Mood boards can be a great way to convey your design idea, win pitches and get early sign-off before spending your time creating a prototype. This example To-Do App mood board includes:

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Interaction .GIFs
  • Icons
  • Tasks
  • and more 

You can also use Boards to easily share brand assets and guidelines. This example Findli Brand board includes:

  • Brand logos, including variations
  • Brand color palette
  • Brand typography
  • Iconography
  • Various downloadable assets including official logos, layout guides, icons, etc.

Use Boards to create galleries of copy or photo. With Boards, you can put all of the elements of a campaign (signage, photography styling, digital and print ads, emails, etc) into a single location for distribution and feedback. Captions and pull quotes are also featured in this example Inside Design board.

To practice creating your own boards, be sure to check out the article What are sample boards?



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Mood and Brand Boards and Beyond