Roles and Permissions

The following roles only apply to Consumer Plan accounts (Free, Starter, Professional, and Team plans). Please visit our Enterprise guide if you are on the Enterprise platform.

You're part of an Enterprise if any of these apply:

1. Your login URL begins with your team or company name, like companyname.invisionapp.com

2. You're prompted to choose between a personal and company account: 


3. Logging in prompts Single Sign On credentials:



We define a designer as a user who owns an InVision account or is an admin on an account. A designer/admin is able to create and edit prototypes and is the only person able to delete a prototype or board from the account.

Share link viewers

Share link viewers are users you send a public share link to. They only have the ability to view, interact (click through), and leave comments on prototypes via that share link and cannot otherwise see the remainder of your prototype.


Collaborators are users who have been added to the prototype via the green share button or + button at the top right of the prototype dashboard:

Collaborators can edit prototypes, add/delete/replace screens, add/remove hotspots, and leave comments on prototypes. Collaborators can also export prototypes to PDF or .zip file. Collaborators cannot create or delete prototypes.

Team Members

Team plans allow for five Team Members in total, including the Team plan owner. Team Members have all of the same abilities as Collaborators but can create prototypes on behalf of the Team plan's owner, as well. Team Members also have the option to create personal prototypes and boards in their own account.