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LiveCapture Chrome extension support ending on February 1, 2017

Since we first launched the LiveCapture extension for Chrome, a lot has changed in the InVision product. Over that time, the LiveCapture extension has remained relatively unchanged as we've focused on efforts like Boards, Inspect, Workflow, Craft, and other exciting features.

Though many of you use LiveCapture without issue, others have encountered bugs and technical limitations that make it hard to use the extension effectively. We've also seen usage continually decline over the years. As a result, we've decided that it's time to formally end support and development of the LiveCapture extension for Chrome.

Effective immediately, we have stopped making the LiveCapture Chrome extension available for new downloads.

Effective February 1, 2017 we will cease support for the LiveCapture Chrome extension. After that time, we will not be able to assist users who are still using the LiveCapture Chrome extension nor will we release updates to that extension.

Can I still use the LiveCapture Chrome extension after February 1, 2017?
Though the LiveCapture extension may continue to function temporarily after February 1, 2017, it will eventually stop working. For that reason, you should not expect to be able to use the extension after February 1, 2017 and should find alternatives.

Does this mean my Snaps folder is also going away?

As of September 5, 2017, the Tools and Extensions menu, as well as the links to whiteboard and Snaps, will no longer be accessible. For more details, please see the announcement.

What alternatives are available for the LiveCapture Chrome extension?
InVision doesn’t endorse any single add-on as a successor for LiveCapture but there are a few that may be useful as you look to replace it: