Work with images in Freehand
  • 26 May 2023
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Work with images in Freehand

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Article summary

You can add image files to Freehand and maniuplate them on the canvas.

For supported file types, read Upload a file to Freehand.

If you'd like to add GIFs to Freehand, read Add Giphy GIFs to Freehand.

Add images to Freehand

There are several ways to add images to a freehand.

  • Select image Upload > Upload to upload image files.
  • Drag image files from your desktop to the canvas.
  • Copy and paste images to the canvas.

You can add multiple files simultaneously with all these methods. However, the images will be stacked on top of each other. To rearrange them, you can:

  • Drag each image individually out of the stack.
  • Select, hold, and drag around the stack of images to highlight them. At the top right of the highlight box, select image Arrange to grid.

You can also add stock photos with Unsplash. Read Add Unsplash images to Freehand.

Manipulate images

Once an image is on the canvas, you can maniuplate it to suit your needs and preferences. All options for image manipulation appear in the image's contextual menu.

  • Size: choose to display the image at its original size (100%) or half size (50%).
  • Border: apply a solid border or shadow effect.
  • Fit: choose a fit mode. Stretch distorts the image. Fill doesn't stretch the image, while ensuring it fills its container.
  • Download: download the file.
  • Rotate: rotate the image 90 degrees.

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